A downloadable game for Windows

A Game where you can punch a Nazi over and over again for stress relief.
Made for a laugh by:
Programming: @PezzleSp
Art: Michael Robertson
Adviser and some sound: @theboyofcheese

Fully playable with just a mouse, Left click to summon a mighty Mech hand to pummel the foe into dust, but don't worry, we have given the subject a special serum that makes him regenerate so it is up to YOU to decide when it is enough.

Left click (Summon / Navigate)
Right Click (Return to menu).

If you have any questions or want to know how we set up the physics and/or the dynamic procedural collision and deformation please send a message to @PezzleSp

Install instructions

Just download the zip, extract the Punchenstein.exe and its folder and run it, headphones for the full visceral enjoyment.


Punchenstein.zip 65 MB

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